ICT is a broad term which includes any communication device or application; encompassing Internet communication, telephone system, computer network, hardware and software, radio communication and TV network, satellite system, robotics system etc.

driving social and economic development, supporting democracy, good governance, education, health care etc. It also opens up new socio-economic opportunities for less advantageous portions of the society.

Our broad business plan includes a participation in the development of ICT in Ethiopia, though this important economic sector is not yet fully opened to private sector.

DGIG aspires to be the Horn Africa’s alternative and leading ICT Service Provider by:

  1. Excelling in specialist service
  2. Exploring new technologies and innovation
  3. Integrating research and teaching with technological practice
  4. Leading workforce capability
  5. Partnering with communities and consumer

Our first step in this long journey starts with exploration of any existing opportunities in Ethiopia at the moment and a consultation with Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporations.

DGIG has inhouse skills and a network of business associates and supporters in Australia which can be a great help and strategic partner, if needed and allowed by the laws and regulation in Ethiopia.