Project Development Director

Muhammed Elemo was born in East Shoa, Oromia Regional State in Ethiipia. He completed his early education at Merti Woreda, Arsi Zone and then went to attend preparatory college at Hawasa Technical and Vocational School in Adama, Oromia for his University preparation.

He joined Addis Ababa University earning his BA degree in Political Science and International Relations (2006).

Subsequently, he worked in various capacities in the Planning Department of East Shoa Zone, Oromia Region, including in areas such as community development, community project development, youth and elite leadership coordination office. He was Deputy Head of Education Department in the same region before migrating to Australia.

At present, Muhammed Elemo is a trained health care professional in Melbourne, Australia working in Non-Emergency Ambulance Services.

Given his extensive work experience in different government departments in Ethiopia and his love for his homeland, he is excited and pleased in establishing, growing and running various investment activities of Dararaa General investment Group in Ethiopia.